What is it?

Escape rooms are games in which you have to escape from a room within a given time. To do this, you and your comrades have to solve a series of puzzles and mysteries, that require some creative thinking and communication with your team mates. Often some person of the team figures something out, that other members of the group don't. If you do not get out in time, it is possible to discuss the rest of the puzzles with the game master (depending on the days reservations). The room is not scary, the experience should be just fun and a bit challenging.

Arriving to the game

Come to the venue about 10 minutes before your scheduled game time. We'll go through a few rules and discuss about the game a bit before you enter the room.

The Rules of the Game

You are not allowed to use force or violence on the furniture or locks in the game. Every problem can be solved by thinking. If you feel stuck in the game, you can ask for clues from the staff.

Can I get out of the room during the game?

Of course. The game master will let you out of the room, if need be.

How many friends can I bring?

The room is designed for 2-6 people.

How can I reserve a game?

The game can be reserved through our website or by phone. If you have to cancel your game, please do it 24 hours prior to your game. If a game is cancelled later than this, we have to charge 40 euros for it.

Is there an age-limit to the game?

Players should be over 15 years of age. However, younger children are welcome with their parents. 

What to bring?

Nothing at all. A positive, curious mind is all you need. You can come to play in your regular clothes. If you need glasses, remember to bring them with you. 

Can I bring my employees in for a game?

Yes. The game is well suited for work groups. The game room is designed for up to six people, so if there are more of you, contact us to discuss the possibilities to arrange it. It is possible to arrive in subsequent times, or wait in our waiting room (that is quite small in all honesty).

Can the game be modified for a special occasion (birthday party etc...)?

Absolutely. Some of the puzzles in the room can be modified to make the room a bit more personal. Take contact by email or phone before reserving the game, so we can discuss what would be the best way to modify the game for you.